Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Its a MISTAKE buying Voucher Metrodeal for Rainbow Cake of Venice Patisserie & Bistro

I bought voucher at Metrodeal few months ago for 50% price for Rainbow Cake.  I though it will b a good surprise for mom's birthday.  Her birthday date is 02 Feb., i ordered the cake with Dian, 021-7362009, 087775864884.  I asked them to deliver the cake on 02 Feb. Morning.  But since Dian said they cannot do that so then i m fine if they deliver the cake on 01 Feb. Evening.

01 Feb. Night, i called Dian asking bout the cake.  Guess what...  she said the cake delivered to Venice Shop at Tebet.  She would check it n will back to me...  OK..  she called said the cake is gone n she will deliver Cheese Cake as a replacement.  I dont wanna replacing the cake n if she wants to send a new one.  I want Black Forest.  She lied to me.  She send another kind of cake without telling me.  N i dont know what kind of the cake. I send back the cake.  How could she doesnt call me 1st for that.

I tried to call Dian, many times...  From my mobile, from house phone, she didnt wanna pick up the phone.  I knew she is afraid but she should responsible for all this thing.  She blamed the chef...  how come...  ckc...ckc...ckc...

I sent the sms to Dian n guess what she said...  she though that i gave a bad words to her...  seeing what she did...  mess up my mom's birthday, what do u think i should do to her...  i really hate her. 

I m not blaming Venice bout this but please...please b careful when u order the cake or anything.  Especially when Dian receiving your order...  dont trust her...  please check everyday for your order...

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