Friday, May 16, 2014

What to eat in Cirebon

I love Indonesia.  Thats always across my mind when i found many kind of the foods i have in my trip.

When we arrived Cirebon.  We had a plans what would try.  We started Empal Gentong n Empal Asam at Amarta Restaurant.  U can find this restaurant on the way to Trusmi.  Empal Gentong n Empal Asam r kind of the beef soup.  One is using coconut oil n another not.  Having this soup in this restaurant is recommended...

After tired having shop at Trusmi, we look forward for the Tahu Gejtot.  My favourite food...  Tahu...  come to me please....

I m really sorry to let u know that i didnt take a picture of Nasi Jamblang.  Meals that we took for our dinner.

The best one is in front of Grage Mall, name Nasi Jamblang Mang Dul.

Docang is one meal we had as a breakfast.  The best one is in front of Cordova Hotel.  Not at the restaurant just a street food.

When we look for Kue Tapel Mba Lena, we found Nasi Lengko.  We decided to have Nasi Lengko while waiting Mba Lena making our order.

Kue Tapel is the Cirebon's Banana Crepes.  It probably that u wont try this food when u see the appearance but u will like to have more than one when i try it.

Since we fulled already,  Kue Tapel Mba Lena will b our last tour of culinair that tasted at the way home train.  





What a wonderful week end trip...

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