Sunday, April 12, 2015

Goeboek Bamboe, Depok

We r always passing this restaurant everytime going to Sawangan.  Finally we stoped by here for lunch today.

The place is quite big with 2 floors.  1st one is a lesehan n the 2nd is as a usual restaurant.
They have many menus.  Its a Sundanesse n seafood restaurant actually.  Their price is so so...  not too expensive.  The taste is not special. 

We ordered Gurame Soup, Gurame Bakar, Seafood Kangkung n Tahu Penyet. Its unusual actually.  I just found Gurame Soup with the Fried Gurame n Tofo on it...  Dont u think its weird?

At least they have great Lemon Tea.  They shouldnt put sugar on the Carrot Juice, made the taste weird sweet.

With this taste i dont think i will back on another time...

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