Monday, April 27, 2015

Sederhana Padang Bintaro Restaurant

Its unusual for us really want to eat Martabak.  Finally  we decided to eat that after having an exercise.

Actually we wanted to have Kubang Martabak, which is located at the oposite site of Haris Hotel, where we had an exercise.  But since the traffic is very bad, we changed our mind to have Martabak at Padang Bintaro Restaurant which is located at Tebet Barat, near the traditional market, pasar Tebet Barat.

But there is no Kubang Martabak.  Only Mesir Martabak.  Since we really wanted to eat martabak, so we would buy any kind of Martabak.

We ordered Soto Padang n Mesir Martabak.   They were offering me 2 kind of Martabak, with 3 or 4 duck eggs.  We choosed 3 eggs...  Guess was great taste...  We didnt feel sorry to come here n having this food tonight.... Huuummm....yummy....

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